Cucumber Pro Demo - August 9th
  August 02, 2018

On August 9th at 4PM BST, I’m going to talk through the purpose of Cucumber Pro: what problem we want it to solve, and who we’re building it for. You can sign up here.

I’ll talk a little bit about the team behind it, then I’ll give you a demo.

I’ll show you how you can:

  • Publish feature files as gorgeous living documentation direct from source control
  • Version those documents, using git branches and Releases
  • Collaborate around the feature files using in-line conversations
  • Publish test results to Cucumber Pro for extra confidence in the documentation

Finally, we’ll look at how you can bring all this together with release approval - allowing business stakeholders to sign off on the requirements, test cases and test results for each release of your product with a single click.

You should attend if you:

  • are already invested in BDD as an organisation and ready to
  • amplify that investment
  • want to empower product owners to stay involved in the BDD process from beginning to end
  • need an in-house appliance installation of Cucumber Pro to keep your feature files secure
  • have the clout to access the necessary infrastructure to set up an appliance: a Linux server/VM, SMTP & LDAP access, firewall configuration etc.

So if you’re already practising BDD and think your team will improve from this feature set, join us on August 9th for this webinar.

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PS - We'll be recording this webinar and will send it to all sign-ups the next day.

P.S join us on Slack to talk Cucumber Pro and BDD in more detail.