If you need help using Cucumber you have a few different options:

Wherever you interact with the Cucumber community, always remember to respect and uphold our code of conduct.


Slack is an online chat with specialised rooms for various topics.This is often the quickest way to get help.

To access our growing Slack community, you'll need to register for an account.

Once you've received your invite, head over to #intros to introduce yourself to the rest of the community, #help if you need help urgently, or #committers if you're interested in becoming an open source contributor.

Mailing list

Over 4000 Cucumber users are part of the daily discussions on our mailing list. If you're unable to have a question resolved in Slack, this is can often be a better place to get your questions answered, and to share your knowledge with others in the community.

Please respect the posting rules.

GitHub issues

First off, this is not a support forum. Don't ask for help here.

GitHub issues are used for three purposes:

  • feature requests
  • bug reports
  • your own contributions (after discussing them in Slack or on the mailing list)

If you file a GitHub issue that doesn't fall into any of these categories, your issue will be closed.

Choose between the following GitHub issue trackers:

Premium Support

When you want guaranteed access to bugfixes and prompt, expert help, you can purchase a support plan which guarantees a response within a certaintimeframe.