People have written tools on top of Cucumber. These are the known third-party tools that work together with Cucumber:

Tool Description
Aruba Generic Step Definitions for command-line programs
AssertThat BDD & Test Management in Jira Combines feature/scenario management as well as built in test automation reporting in Jira. Website AssertThat
Backyard Name the models in your Cucumbers with ease
BDD Generator Generates random BDD scenarios in Gherkin format for testing purposes. By @DavertMik
Bermuda Capybara Step library for jQuery UI widgets
Capybara Webrat alternative which aims to support all browser simulators
Clearance Rails Authentication System with Cucumber Feature generator
Cluecumber Maven plugin for clear and concise Cucumber reporting.
Courgette Browse your cucumber features from within your Rails app with Courgette, a Rails engine.
cql A query language for Cucumber features
crb An irb console for Cucumber world. (crb = cucumber + irb)
Cucable Maven plugin that simplifies running Cucumber Scenarios in parallel.
Cucapp Cucumber integration with Cappuccino.
Cucover Coverage-aware lazy / selective Cucumber Feature runnner
Cucumber-cpp Cucumber for C
Cucumber.el Emacs mode for editing Cucumber plain text stories.
Cucumber Factory Create Rails model records without writing Step Definitions.
Cucumber Forge Generate static Cucumber reports using the Electron app or build your own integration with the NPM library.
Cucumber Growler Growl notifications for Cucumber.
Cucumber Nagios Web site monitoring with Cucumber and Nagios
Cucumber REST Gherkin library for Spring Library with predefined Gherkin sentences for testing REST APIs with Spring
cucumber-runner A Gradle Cucumber-JVM runner, it may simplify running Cucumber steps in parallel
cucumber-rust An implementation of the Cucumber testing framework for Rust. Fully native, no external test runners or dependencies.
Cucumber Scaffold Scaffolding gem for Cucumber Features
CucumberTFS Converts Team Foundation Server (TFS) Scenarios into Cucumber Scenarios in a single Feature file.
Cucumber TM Bundle Feature syntax highlighting and other useful commands for TextMate
Clucumber Support for writing Cucumber Step Definitions in Common LISP, testing Common LISP code.
cuke_cataloger Add unique identifiers to every test case in your suite
cuke_commander Dynamically generate Cucumber command lines
cuke_linter Linting tool for ‘.feature’ files
cuke_modeler Abstraction layer that sits on top of gherkin as a stable base upon which to build other tooling
cuke_slicer Breaks a Cucumber suite into the most granularly executable pieces for better parallelization
Cuke4AS3 Actionscript
Cuke4Nuke Support for writing Cucumber Step Definitions in .NET.
Cuke4Lua Wire protocol implementation for Lua
Cuke4PHP Support for writing Cucumber Step Definitions in PHP, testing PHP code.
Cuke4Vs Syntax highlighting, intellisense and other editing support for Feature files in Visual Studio 2008.
Cukedoctor Enables Asciidoc markup on Cucumber features for creating readable living documentation.
Cuki Pull Cucumber Features from a Confluence wiki into Feature files
Culerity Integrates Cucumber and Celerity to test Javascript in webapps.
daml-cucumber Native cucumber testing for daml smart contracts.
DatabaseCleaner Different strategies for keeping your DB clean to ensure a clean state. Has Cucumber support out of the box.
Eclipse plugin Eclipse plugin for Cucumber
ecucumber An open source port of Cucumber for Erlang
Ecukes Emacs package that makes it possible to write Cucumber like tests for your Emacs packages
egherkin An Erlang library for parsing Gherkin documents
EmailSpec Collection of RSpec matchers and Cucumber Steps for testing email in a Rails app
fbrp Sample Rails app of Cucumber showing how to use with restful-authentication.
features2 features2 is a simple script that creates HTML and PDF based documentation from Cucumber features. Note that the documentation is generated from the source Cucumber feature files, and NOT from the test results (there are plenty of other tools that can do that).
Features2Cards Create PDFs from Cucumber Features and Scenarios for printing.
Frank Test iPhone/iPad applications using Cucumber
Gizmo A page model testing framework
Gherkin Editor for Windows Desktop app that has Excel-style editing for tables
Gherkin.mode for Coda2 Plugin for Coda2 that highlights syntax keywords of .feature file
Gherkin lint Uses Gherkin to parse feature files and runs linting against the default rules, and the optional rules you specified in your .gherkin-lintrc file.
Gherkingen Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tests generator for Golang.
Ghokin Format and apply transformation on gherkin files
Gocure Gocure is a library that offers the possibility to generate beautiful html reports and it is also possible to embed any file in your Cucumber json reports. This can be done importing in a go project, executing a binary, calling a REST API or in a frontend using our docker container.
Groundwork Rails Template using Authlogic that comes with Cucumber Features
Guard::Cucumber Guard::Cucumber automatically runs your Features (much like autotest)
Gutkumber Integration testing for Ruby-GNOME2
Gwen A Gherkin interpreter for web automation (Selenium wrapper)
jEdit Cucumber Mode on github jEdit mode to add multi-lingual syntax highlighting for .feature files
Jeweler Craft the perfect RubyGem - with built-in Cucumber support
JSON_spec RSpec matchers and Cucumber Then Steps for validating JSON format data, especially useful for RESTful API Scenarios.
Melomel ActionScript, Flex and Air support for Cucumber
NetBeans IDE (B) Syntax highlighting
NewGem Use newgem -i cucumber to generate a bunch of helpful Scenario Steps for gem development
OCCukes Objective-C wire protocol implementation. Can be used for testing native iOS and Mac apps.
Online Gherkin Formatter and Validator Free online Gherkin editor, formatter and syntax validator. Website AssertThat
Pickle Model creation/reference in Cucumber - optionally leveraging your factories/blueprints
Pickler Synchronize user stories in Pivotal Tracker with Cucumber Features.
Pickles Docs Takes your specification (written in Gherkin, with Markdown descriptions) and turns them into an always up-to-date documentation of the current state of your software - in a variety of formats (HTML SPA, Static HTML, JSON, Word .docx, Excel)
Pitest-Cucumber-Plugin Cucumber integration for mutation testing tool PIT
Rcumber RCumber is a Rails plugin that gives your customers a web interface where they can view, edit and run Cucumber tests directly on your Rails project. No update since 2008
Relish Relish allows you to browse, search, and share your Cucumber Features on the web as living documentation. Supports public and private projects.
RSpec Use RSpec’s Object.should and Object.should_not to compare values in your Step Definitions
rSquery Using jQuery matchers and more in Selenium. Aims to reduce the difficulties involved in writing Selenium tests in Cucumber environments for webapps that use jQuery.
JetBrains RubyMine Syntax highlighting and Test Runner UI
Schmorgurken Native Clojure Gherkin implementation (mostly compatible with Cucumber) that integrates with clojure-test
selenium-webdriver Developer-focused browser automation tool for IE, Firefox, Chrome
SpecFlow Online Gherkin Editor Simple Gherkin editor that enables you to quickly write, download and share feature files and scenarios – without any hassle, no content tracking
Swinger Write acceptance tests for Java/Swing Desktop apps using Cucumber!
Testjour Distributed test running (for Cucumber first).
theGardener A web application to retrieve features from a large number of projects, to organize them and generate proper documentation based on those BDD features.
Tidy Gherkin Google Chrome browser extension, that helps in step definition generation, Gherkin step and table formatting.
unobtainium-cucumber Integrate Cucumber with configuration driven Selenium or Appium drivers.
VCR Record and replay HTTP responses for fast, deterministic, accurate tests. Cucumber integration provided through the use of Tags.
Vim-Cucumber Feature syntax highlighting for Vim
Webrat Interact with a web application from Ruby. Works with Rails, and other web frameworks.
Webrat TM Bundle Collection of TextMate snippets for the webrat API.
Watir An open source Ruby library for automating tests. Watir interacts with a browser the same way people do: clicking links, filling out forms and validating text.
WatirCraft Web testing framework with Cucumber integration that builds on Watir.
watircuke Cucumber and H30 (watir, safariwatir, firewatir)
YARD-Cucumber Feature documentation integration with YARD

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