Cucumber Electron - Cucumber Podcast
  February 23, 2017

Cucumber Electron is a compelling alternative to Selenium.

Cucumber-electron runs cucumber-js in Electron, a framework for building desktop applications in web technologies. By running features this way, your step definitions can require npm modules including server-side libraries and node.js core modules and use a browser DOM to render HTML, all in the same (chromium renderer) process, with no transpile step.

This week on the podcast, we talk to its creator Josh Chisholm about this new project and testing through the GUI.

Josh recently spent some time as a contractor building Cucumber Pro (

Aslak Hellesoy, Julien Biezemans, Steve Tooke and Matt Wynne join the discussion.

Announcing cucumber-electron blog post link

Get started on github link

Browser monkey link

Vinehill - the virtual http adapter link

Cucumbers on vine hill - a demo of all the stuff we discussed link

Say hi to Josh on Twitter link

Josh's company, Featurist link

Recorded on January 20th 2017.

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