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To deliver certain and predictable software, business and tech teams need to speak to one another. The development team needs to know they are building the right thing, and the business needs to feel capable of shaping the behaviour of the software.

By bridging the communication gap between business and tech, organisations save time and money, otherwise lost to delays, misunderstandings, and poor quality.

Cucumber Pro helps lift the conversations happening in the codebase and makes them visible and accessible to the business.

Leaving the team to work collectively on building quality software in a quick, iterative environment.

Works with Cucumber

Cucumber Pro works with all flavors of Cucumber the free, open source tool for executable specifications used by thousands of companies.

Cucumber has revolutionalized the software development lifecycle by melding requirements, automated testing and documentation into a cohesive one: Plain text executable specifications that validate the software.

Cucumber Pro complements Cucumber by providing a collaborative environment that is designed for product owners, business analysts, testers and programmers

Cucumber Pro is built by the creators of Cucumber. We get executable specifications.

Available as an Appliance

CucumberWe understand that privacy is of great importance to many companies. Cucumber Pro is available as an appliance that can be run on a private server.

CucumberWe are evaluating the demand for offering a hosted Cucumber Pro for companies and organizations that are comfortable using cloud-hosted services.

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