Welcome to Cucumber community newsletter #7
  November 22, 2021

Maybe you still have some Halloween candy left (unless you have the awesome neighbors who give out full-size bars and you've stashed those for later), but around here, it’s all about cucumbers. (And a few chickens.)

  • State of the Cucumber
  • Introduction to Formulation Webinar
  • The Cucumber Compatibility Kit (CCK) is back!
  • Chickens of Cucumber
  • Fun and useful links (things you wouldn't expect to go together edition)
  • Back issues are online!

State of the Cucumber

A few years ago, we introduced Cucumber Expressions as an alternative to Regular Expressions. We made an interactive playground so you can experiment with Cucumber Expressions in your browser. Check it out and let us know what you think!

In Cucumber School, you can now watch chapter 8 (Example Mapping) in Java, JavaScript, and Ruby.

New releases:

Introduction to Formulation Webinar

Seb Rose and Gáspár Nagy, BDD gurus of this parish, presented a webinar on formulation, which is a core practice of BDD. You can watch the webinar at https://smartbear.com/resources/webinars/intro-to-formulation-documenting-bdd-scenarios/, and there are follow-up questions in a handy blog format.

The Cucumber Compatibility Kit (CCK) is back!

One of the strengths of Cucumber is that it's been implemented on so many different programming platforms. Whether you're using Ruby, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Perl, or C#, there's a Cucumber flavor for you.

It's great to have all these different Cucumbers springing up out of the ground, but they're not always consistent. This can be confusing for users. Enter the Cucumber Compatibility Kit!

We started this initiative over ten years ago, but it was a bit ahead of its time, and fell into disuse.

We've been building out a new CCK and gradually bringing it into our workflows for developing the main flavors of Cucumber: Java, Ruby, and JavaScript.

This month, Aurelien spruced up the CCK for Ruby as a shiny new rubygem, meaning we can easily run the CCK tests as part of every build of cucumber-ruby:

Chickens of Cucumber

We’ve had cats of Cucumber, and now the chickens want to bask in the limelight. We’re not sure how well they do Example Mapping, and none of them were willing to pose in a Cucumber-branded laptop shelter, but here they are for your amusement.

Fun and useful links (things you wouldn't expect to go together edition – kind of like chickens and Cucumber)

If you really want to combine chickens [or chicken-style meat-like substitute] and cucumbers, here's one possibility.

Back newsletter issues are online!

Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5, and Issue 6!

If you have any suggestions for future newsletters, or a cute photo of your pet in a holiday costume (especially if it’s a chicken), pop on over to the Cucumber community Slack and let us know. Thanks for reading!