Welcome to Cucumber community newsletter #5
  July 13, 2021

This edition of the newsletter is so full of Cucumber goodness, we need multiple blogposts to contain it all!

  • State of the Cucumber
  • Special Report: Open Source Committers' Meetup
  • Interview: Seb Rose and Gáspár Nagy
  • Fun and useful links

State of the Cucumber

Cucumber School update: Chapter 6 Java is available! Chapter 6 JavaScript is available! Chapter 6 Ruby is...coming real soon now!

Over at the blog, Seb Rose continues to educate us about the wonders of automation. Three new posts are waiting for you. All the post titles are questions, so if you want to answer those questions, or debate with Seb, or tell us about your interesting and relevant thoughts, come on over to the Cucumber community Slack!

Special Report: Cucumber Open Contributors' Event

Many open source contributors gathered virtually and talked about open source in a room that looked like a retro video game. (Anyone else miss Pitfall! or just me?) And there was incredible swag. You can read the entire report. If you'd rather not, you can still admire our cats sitting in Cucumber-branded laptop sun tents.

Interview: Seb Rose and Gáspár Nagy

We spoke to two BDD experts about their books, the writing process, and why you should know about Formulation. (Sadly, Where Is My Pizza? is not an actual product. Yet. *wonders where my pizza is*) Seb and Gáspár have so much to say that we put everything in its own post.

Fun and useful links