BDD with Cucumber Webinar
  February 05, 2019

Hundreds of teams are benefitting from BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development). This 20-minute talk will familiarise you with what BDD is and isn’t so you can decide if it’s right for your team. Ryan will stick around to take questions about BDD, Cucumber, and transformative agile practices.

Ryan Marsh is an agile coach, trainer, and hacker who works with enterprise software development teams to help them be their very best. Ryan believes enterprise software development can be fun, rewarding, and move at high speed no matter the industry. Ryan has helped technology teams supercharge their development at some of America’s most well-known companies. Ryan is a self-taught hacker with a varied background in technology. He is also US Army veteran. Ryan leverages this unique perspective to help teams reach their full potential.

Watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

Ryan will be teaching our two-day BDD Kickstart class in London on April 2nd-3rd just before our annual BDD conference, CukenFest London


  • Join us on Slack to discuss BDD and Cucumber in more detail.
  • We offer training and coaching services for ambitious teams who want to benefit from BDD and Cucumber. Check out our training page for more details.