CucumberStudio Integrations

CucumberStudio + TestComplete

Automate your end-to-end BDD process, with CucumberStudio and TestComplete

  • Automate Gherkin scenarios quickly - Convert BDD-style feature files into automated tests using Record & Replay or Scripting 

  • Collaborate easily with stakeholders - Synchronize updates between CucumberStudio and TestComplete, to keep technical and non-technical members aligned 

  • Simplify complex BDD tool stacks – Choose TestComplete, and use its IDE, its BDD interpreter for JavaScript, Python, VBScript and Jscript, its object repository, its test runner, and its reporting capabilities - all in one tool 

CucumberStudio + CrossBrowserTesting

Multiply your test configurations without impacting your workflow, with CucumberStudio and CrossBrowserTesting

  • Expand your test coverage – Ensure your software will work in the real world by running manual and automated tests against multiple browsers and platforms 

  • Simplify test automation – Use Record & Replay to capture manual testing paths, then automate testing by re-running them in different configurations 

  • Define the environments you need -- Run your tests automatically in multiple environments, to test your scenarios against the environments your users demand, every time 


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