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Become a Cucumber expert at your own pace


Give me an example (8 min)

Learn how to gather examples for Cucumber through conversations with your stakeholders.


Preview the rest of the lessons below!


Your first scenario (13 min)

Write and run your first Cucumber scenario.


Matching Steps (16 min)

Learn just enough regular expressions to write great scenarios.


Cleaning up (17 min)

Learn how to refactor your Cucumber scenarios and step definitions to make them maintainable over time.


Loops (17 min)

Learn how create more expressive Cucumber scenarios with more advanced Gherkin syntax.


Configuring Cucumber (11 min)

Learn how to use tags, tables, the command line options, plugins and more.


Details (18 min)

Learn about the different language styles, levels of details and abstraction in your scenarios.


Problems and Solutions (15 min)

Learn about Example Mapping, Support Code and Modelling by Example.


Acceptance Tests vs Unit tests (25 min)

In which we discover missing unit tests and learn the relative benefits of acceptance tests and unit tests.


Web Automation with Selenium (31 min)

Automate the web from Cucumber. Learn about the test pyramid and the benefits of hexagonal architecture.


1. Watch

Learn new skills and concepts with DRM-free videos that are yours forever.

2. Practice

Follow the exercises we supply to master each new skill. Practice makes perfect.

3. Reflect

We’ll ask you thought-provoking questions to deepen your understanding of each topic.

Learn Cucumber from the ground up and develop the individual skills you need to make BDD work for your team.

Cucumber School is based on our proven syllabus taught to hundreds of people on our in-house courses.


Who is it for?

This course is for testers and developers who want to learn Cucumber and the fundamentals of BDD. You'll accomplish hands-on technical tasks, like writing code in text editors and running Cucumber from the command-line interface.

You should be reasonably comfortable with these tools or keen to learn about them.

By the end of the course you'll know how to build your own Cucumber suites and how to drive a web browser using Cucumber.

You'll learn how to:

  • Run discovery workshops to elicit requirements from your stakeholders

  • Describe requirements using Gherkin, the specification language for Cucumber

  • Write step definitions to match any Gherkin step

  • Use Cucumber to drive development, cleaning up your code as you go

  • Drive a browser using Selenium WebDriver

  • Keep your stakeholders engaged in the BDD process

  • Configure Cucumber to work just the way you want it

  • Explain the benefits of BDD to your boss or co-workers

  • Keep your test suite fast and lean

Plus many more pro tips directly from the Cucumber core team…


Buy Cucumber School

  • 10 video lessons
    (the last two videos are double length)
  • 3 hours of video
  • Produced by the Cucumber core team
  • Code examples tailored to your preferred language
  • Exercises in each lesson
  • Exercise answers included
  • Accurate subtitles for every video
  • DRM-free*
  • $199
  • Pick your language:


* Each license is for a single person and is non-transferrable. Contact us about obtaining a site licence for your whole development team.

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