View Cucumber Results in Cucumber Pro
  May 23, 2014

We're very excited to announce a highly anticipated feature to all of our beta testers.


In How Cucumber Pro Works, we outlined that Cucumber will soon be able to publish results to Cucumber Pro.

To make this happen you have to install our new Cucumber Pro plug-in to the project where you run Cucumber from. The Cucumber Pro plug-in works as a formatter, so you need to tell Cucumber to use it.

The Cucumber Pro plugin is designed to run with Cucumber only on your Continuous Integration server, but we recommend you try it out locally first to make sure everything is working correctly. Just make sure you have committed and pushed all your changes before you run Cucumber with this formatter.

You will need a special token to authenticate against Cucumber Pro. Just email us at and tell us your GitHub or Bitbucket user name and we'll send you the token. Later you will be able to get this token from the webapp.

Start by defining the CUCUMBER_PRO_TOKEN environment variable:

# Linux / OS X
export CUCUMBER_PRO_TOKEN=the-token-you-got-from-us

# Windows
SET CUCUMBER_PRO_TOKEN=the-token-you-got-from-us

Please refer to the documentation for your Continuous Integration server for details about how to set environment variables for your build.

If you’re using Travis CI you can use the travis encrypt command to encrypt that security token in your .travis.yml file so it isn't publicly available.

If you manage to set everything up correctly and run a build you should see the results showing up on your project summary page in Cucumber Pro.

Results publishing is currently available for Cucumber JVM and Cucumber Ruby:

Cucumber JVM

UPDATE 28. June 2014. Please refer to Cucumber-JVM Formatter for Cucumber Pro.

Add the cucumber-pro jar to your project.
If you’re using Maven, just add this to your pom.xml:


You also have to upgrade all your Cucumber-JVM jars to 1.1.7.

The easiest way to enable the formatter is to define another environment variable:


Alternatively, you can also enable it with a Java System property:


Cucumber Ruby

Add the cucumber-pro gem to your Gemfile:

gem "cucumber-pro"

Then install it:

bundle install

Finally, enable the formatter in the script that kicks off Cucumber, for example in your Rakefile:

--format Cucumber::Pro --out ./cucumber-pro.log

Tell us what you think

We haven't yet started to implement the snazzy reports you all want to see. Currently you will only see a summary of the latest build.

However, we are storing all the results - including screenshots you send us via the embed method, for all your builds!

As soon as we get some more data from you we'll try to come up with some exciting ways to display them back to you.

If you have ideas about how you think it would be useful to display historical results, or even results for a single build, please let us know! We're happy to take napkin drawings, Excel chart screenshots or anything you can think of.