Rebranding Hiptest - Our new identity
  April 10, 2018

We have exciting news for you today. Hiptest has a brand-new identity and our platform a new design for an even better experience.

We hope you will enjoy it :)

Why a new brand?

In Dec 2014, Hiptest’s five founders met in a kid’s playroom in a home. There, among toys and Legos, Hiptest was born. Since there, the company has grown very quickly from 0 to 25,000 users in 150 countries. The team now counts 15 people that have worked incredibly hard to build the future of QA. After such a crazy start, we felt the need to take a step back, better define our mission in this fast-changing world.

Our mission

The way we build software today is broken. Too often, there’s a gap between what a product owner imagines, how a developer implements it, how a tester tests it, and how the product is shared with the customer.

We introduce a new way to develop and test software that puts the user at the center. By leveraging Behavior Driven Development, test automation and product analytics, Hiptest enables DevOps teams to test their software continuously from idea to production:


A way to help teams to get to market faster, with the product they actually imagined.


Defining a new identity

We want our identity to better represent the development world we live in with continuous deployment and collaboration. That’s what we are: a DevOps team deploying up to 10 times a day in production like many of our customers.

We also want our identity to be friendly and simple. A bit more us actually. Hiptest is a family for us. We care about our customers, our teammates, our partners and investors, in that order.

The Hiptest team

Area17, the agency we have worked with for this project, spent a lot of time discussing with all the team to understand our vision and values. Not the ones you write on a website and don’t really care about. The vision and values of Hiptest as they have been shared by the team.

After couple of iterations and refinements, Area 17 came out with a new identity and logo!


Say hello to the new Hiptest logo!


New Logo Hiptest


Here it is!

It is shaped with two continuous loops, representative of DevOps process, and with a same continuous line. We believe DevOps is redefining the way software is built from idea to production. This is what our new logo represents. Hiptest platform helps agile and DevOps teams develop better software, faster.

If you have imagination, you can also see in this logo two people shaking their hands. This is where collaboration between the business and tech teams comes in. Great software is always the result of great team collaboration and we believe Behavior Driven Development is a game changer to align teams in software development.

Thus, we can say that our new logo represents perfectly our mission and what we strongly believe in.

A blue shade palette to match with software industry

New identity also means new colors. Goodbye to our traditional coral and welcome to a new shade colors range. Several tones of blue and a punchy yellow come to replace the red palette.

These tones are softer. Our yellow shade brings dynamism, opposing with our deeper blue and the contrast is pretty nice!

Keep it continuous 

Our website has also been redesigned with our new identity. It is simpler with new colors and new illustrations, keeping this only continuous line. This new website is modern, light and you can easily find the information you’re searching for. We let you discover all these changes and we hope you’ll like them!


We also have more to come in the coming days with a complete product redesign. Stay tuned!

PS: We reveal a bit more about our story and team in this page, if you are a curious person ;)


- The Hiptest team