Ebook – Well-Oiled Continuous Testing Using HipTest
  January 07, 2019

Ebook – Well-Oiled Continuous Testing Using HipTest

The HipTest team wishes you a Happy New Year !

To take off the year at top speed, we want to share with you our new ebook " Well-Oiled Continuous Testing Using HipTest."

Nowadays, many teams struggle to ensure quality in every deployments, especially when there are multiple ones a day. Speed of pace thanks to continuous testing is the main go-to market, and companies who missed that are put aside.

Continuous testing is the process of running automated tests throughout the entire software development lifecycle to allow for immediate feedback on risks, defects, and performance.

That’s where HipTest comes in. The continuous testing tool enables users to define their scenarios in a common business terminology. Then, users can generate executable scripts – for more than 20 frameworks - and automate them by implementing reusable steps used in the tests executed by the CI. Once the feature is in production, users can track the valuability of the feature, to get a quick feedback from the users of their application/website.

By focusing on making a short feedback loop, development teams can quickly implement features that matter, based on users observation, creating high quality software.

Our latest ebook highlights the following points :

  • The need for early and rapid feedback
  • The importance of identifying bugs early
  • The reason minimizing the number of defects is critical

Read our ebook to achieve a well-oiled continuous testing process.