VeST, Vertical Slice Technologies - Cucumber Podcast
  December 20, 2017

A bit of festive magic for you.

We have invited Marcin Floyran and Sebastian Lambla back onto the podcast to discuss VeST (Vertical Slice Technologies). They were last on the podcast about two years ago to talk about Agile Anarchy and we asked them back to talk about VeST. So here it is. Aslak is asking the questions.

This is a great listen for those who are interested in building customer-centric, high-quality software products.

Topics discussed during the podcast:

  • The core concepts of VeST and its benefits.

  • Why focusing on the customer can be a great first-step for teams steeped in legacy code.

  • Debunking hexagonal architecture and ports and adapters.

  • The role of traditional testers and mob testing.


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