Specflow with Gáspár - Cucumber Podcast
  March 23, 2017

Gáspár Nagy is the creator of Specflow, the .NET version of Cucumber. Based in Budapest, Gaspar is an independent BDD and Specflow trainer and coach. He is also writing a new book about Specflow in collaboration with Seb Rose.

Joining him on the podcast this month are Aslak Hellesoy, Matt Wynne and Arti Mathanda. They discuss the upcoming book, the role of QA in modern teams and plenty more.

Show notes:

Say hi to Gáspár on Twitter - link

Learn more about Specflow - link

Mentioned podcast with Emily Webber - link

Up for Grabs - link

Specflow public courses in Europe - link

Quality Excites - link

CukenFest London, June - link

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