BDD and Serenity - Cucumber Podcast
  March 09, 2016

Long before Behaviour-Driven Development was a term, John Smart was a proponent of bringing business and tech teams together. It was working for a French insurance company in the 90s, with complex (and peculiar) business rules, where the journey started:

“This was a car insurance company so you had to tell them where you lived, what sort of car you had, what colour it was, what sort of dog you had... everything.

The customer/product owner had these excel spreadsheets that he was using by himself to check the algorithms on the mainframe that we were supposed to be reproducing. So I said, maybe that could be useful - we can use those to drive our tests.

What we ended up with was a set of unit tests being driven by an Excel spreadsheet...Ever since then, I’ve been looking for ways to write tests that express things at the business level. So when I came across BDD it all fell into place. “

This week on the Cucumber Podcast, Matt Wynne, Aslak Hellesøy and Steve Tooke talk with John Smart about BDD, his upcoming CukeUp! workshop, and how Serenity can help your team write higher quality automated tests.

John Smart will be delivering a workshop at CukeUp! London on April 14th.

John was a speaker at CukeUp! in Sydney last November.
His talk can be found here

You can find out more about Serenity on his website

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