Get paid to help Cucumber!
  February 05, 2020


Jo here, the new Cucumber Community Manager! Some of you may already know me from behind the scenes at Cucumber or we may have met during CukenFest, but I'd like to reintroduce myself in this new role.
My mission is to let every voice in the Cucumber community be heard, from novice users to experienced contributors and to maintain the health, vibrancy and value of our community, both online and at events.  I'm really excited about this opportunity and being part of this special community so please do say hi or give me a wave in the Community Slack.   
The first piece of news I have the pleasure of sharing with you is our new Bounty process in GitHub, which is explained below.  It’s very cool! 

Bounty Process: 

  1. Browse bounty tickets 
  2. Find one you want to work on 
  3. Leave a comment in the ticket saying you intend to work on this. Ask questions if you need clarification 
  4. Submit a pull request 
  5. Wait for someone in core team to approve your work 
  6. Submit an expense to the collective: 
  7. Get paid! 

This only works if sponsors pay into the Open Collective, so if you are a company that uses Cucumber please consider becoming a sponsor and making a monthly donation.