Cucumber-JVM 1.2.5
  September 13, 2016

Cucumber-JVM 1.2.5 was released on the 9th of Sept 2016. The release notes have all the details.

The most notable improvement in this release is fixes for several Java 8 related bugs. I'd like to personally thank Björn Rasmusson, Alexander Torstling, Michael Wilkerson, Richard Bradley, David Kowis and the numerous other people who have contributed one way or another to improving the Java 8 support.

14 months is too long

The release frequency for Cucumber-JVM has been roughly 2-6 months up until version 1.2.4. Then, there was a 14 months delay before 1.2.5 was released. That is way too long.

This long delay is due to a combination of factors: I've been the bottleneck for merging pull requests, and I've had a busy year, both professionally and in my private life. Björn Rasmusson and David Kowis have been a tremendous help, but it still doesn't scale.

I expect this to improve in the next few months, for a couple of reasons.

First, my new role in Cucumber Ltd is to focus more time and effort on open source (and less on running our business).

Second, we've made a new contributing guide that should remove some of bottlenecks by giving contributors the "commit bit" as soon as they have one pull request accepted by another committer.