Au Revoir Aurélien
Goodbye, good luck, and thankyou to Cucumber's first full-time contributor!
  August 17, 2022

Aurélien Reeves, Cucumber Open's full-time developer is leaving SmartBear on Friday. I'm writing this post to say thank you and remember all the great things Aurélien has done in his time in our community.

Since his first pull request on the 26th January 2021, Aurélien has made 937 commits, 225 pull request, and posted 1,235 messages in our community Slack. I wish I could tell you how many GitHub comments he's made but I can't work out how to prise that information out of GitHub's API!

Throughout his time, Aurélien demonstrated a genuine connection and care for the people in the community: from the users to the core maintainers. He has always looked to find simple, pragmatic solutions to problems. Although the codebase is vast, he never seemed to get overwhelmed, always remaining patient, calm and thoughtful.

I especially appreciate how dedicated he has been to the project to dismantle the monorepo. It's been a long, painstaking piece of work but he's brought new life to those codebases and made an investment that I hope will be paying back for many years to come.

I'll leave the last words to Cucumber core contributor Olle Jonsson:

Always courteous, always curious, forever helpful. Thank you, Aurélien! -- @olleolle