Aruba 0.9.0 released
  August 25, 2015

We are pleased to announce aruba version 0.9.0. For a detailed list of changes, please have a look at our or use the diffing feature of Github.

Notable Changes

Add console

Now aruba includes a console to play around with it's API. You can start the console by running aruba console in your commandline.

Add documentation

Starting with 0.8.0 we added more and more documentation to aruba - and more is about to come. We also decided to use our very own cucumber-steps to document how to use aruba.

Replace all "assert_"- and "check_"-methods by "RSpec"-matchers

With 0.9.0 all assert_*- and check_*-methods are replaced by "RSpec"-matchers internally and the old methods are labeled as deprecated. It's recommended to use our new matchers.

New "cucumber"-hooks

We added a new @announce-output-hook which outputs both, STDERR and STDOUT.

New matchers

There are new RSpec-matchers to check the output – STDOUT, STDERR or both – of a command.

Access to commands

Now you've got access to the last command started by using #last_command_started. Additionally there's a #last_command_stopped-method as well.

Logging with aruba

We added a logger to our API. It's available via #aruba.logger.

Report file size and disk usage

Using #file_size you can gather information about the size of a file. This works more or less similar to ls -al on UNIX/Linux-operating systems. #disk_usage reports the amount space allocated on the disk. Be aware, that the value of both methods is different for sparse files. The #disk_usage is a UNIX-/Linux-only method. The methods used internally are not implemented by Ruby Core on Windows.

Split Up of "unescape"-methods

We decided to split up #unescape into #extract_text and #unescape_text. The first method removes all ANSI escape sequences and the latter converts newlines and the like given as escaped strings into valid strings – '\n' → "\n".

Working around a Bug in JRuby

In JRuby <= 1.7.21 and 9.0.0 there's a bug which cause problems when we cleaned up the ENV. We added a workaround for that.

Running commands

Now we make the process started via SpawnProcess the leader of the group to kill all sub-processes more reliably.

Changes to options handling ANSI escape sequences

Please use aruba.config.remove_ansi_escape_sequences or Aruba.configure { |config| config.remove_ansi_escape_sequences = <true|false> } instead of ...keep_ansi.

Known issues


There are still failing tests of our test suite on Windows. We're working on that.

Upcoming changes

Better documentation

We're going to improve our documentation. Starting with 0.10.0 or 0.11.0 you can expect to find our documentation on relish. So please stay tuned.

Extend "aruba" command

We're going to add some kind of initializer to the aruba-command. aruba init can be used to create all files needed to use aruba within your project.