Aruba 0.14.0 released
  March 08, 2016

We are pleased to announce aruba version 0.14.0. For a detailed list of
changes, please have a look at our or use the diffing feature of Github

Notable Changes

  • Add <project_root>/exe to search path for commands: This is the new default if you setup a project with bundler.
  • Add some more steps to modify environment, e.g. append/prepend a string to environment variable

Known issues


There are still failing tests of our test suite on Windows. We're going to work on that. Any help is highly appreciated.

Upcoming changes

Improved support for windows

Fix the windows issues.

Improve documentation

We work on improving the documentation. With one of the upcoming versions we plan to release a new aruba-website with all our documentation.

Other stuff

Starting work on 1.0.0 release

We're going to release 1.0.0 in the next couple of months. Before that, we want to release our improved documentation and fixed the windows issues. If you're interested in helping us with that, join our chat at