Aruba 0.13.0 released
  January 26, 2016

We are pleased to announce aruba version 0.13.0. For a detailed list of
changes, please have a look at our or use the diffing feature of Github

Notable Changes

  • Added generator and cucumber steps to create ad hoc script files (PR #323,
  • Made it possible to announce information on command error, using a new option called activate_announcer_on_command_failure (PR #335,
  • Added two new hooks for rspec and cucumber to make troubleshooting feature files easier (PR #338:
    • command_content: Outputs command content - helpful for scripts
    • command_filesystem_status: Outputs information like group, owner, mode, atime, mtime
  • Added colored announcer output similar to the color of cucumber tags. The color of the output is "cyan".
  • Re-integrated event-bus-library into aruba-core (PR #342)
  • Fixed circular require warnings (issue #339)
  • Fixed use of old instances variable "@io_wait" (issue #341). Now the
    default value for io_wait_timeout can be set correctly.
  • Fixed bug in announcer. It announces infomation several times due to duplicate announce-calls.
  • Refactored internal #simple_table-method (internal)
  • Refactored announcer: Now it supports blocks for #announce as well (internal)

Known issues


There are still failing tests of our test suite on Windows. We're going to work on that. Any help is highly appreciated.

Upcoming changes

Improved support for windows

Fix the windows issues.

Improve documentation

We work on improving the documentation. With one of the upcoming versions we plan to release a new aruba-website with all our documentation.

Other stuff

Starting work on 1.0.0 release

We're going to release 1.0.0 in the next couple of months. Before that, we want to release our improved documentation and fixed the windows issues. If you're interested in helping us with that, join our chat at