Product update mid-2018
  June 22, 2018

"Wow". If I've had to describe this first semester in a single word, that would be that one.

A lot of things happened in (and on) Hiptest since our last product updates: new fresh brand identity, partnership with Smartbear, new people joining the crew and so on.

But let's focus on the work done by our fabulous team on our product.

New brand, new product

"With great brand comes great responsibility" (or something like that).

Our friends and amazing partners at AREA17 helped us a lot to redesign the product; not only just applying our new colors and typography but also our philosophy: simplicity, friendliness and our "define, test, learn" workflow.

Since we've started to work on Hiptest, our main concern was to provide a really simple, neat tool. But let's be honest, we've kind of failed to scale this at the same pace as we added new features, and the product slowly became a bit messy.

[caption id="attachment_4128" align="alignnone" width="1075"]test_execution-fd06929e3d8368a2b5adc1ca0c2c17f4 Farewell, old test execution[/caption]

That's why we have spent a lot of time to clean this up, by reconsidering the information hierarchy and the relevance of these. We have also adopted conventions in the interface to keep consistency between the different screens of the application, in order to make a more productive and easier-to-adopt tool, and make addition of future features more natural.

We hope you love this (almost) new product as much as we do!

Text edition mode of scenario datatable

Datatable is a core feature for a lot of our users and a massive number of improvement requests we received was about it. In those requests, two were really often requested: copy and paste a datatable in another scenario and importing already existing data

from other tools (like Excel).

Rather than adding new buttons and commands to achieve these tasks, we have preferred to add a new edition mode to our existing graphical one:

[caption id="attachment_4130" align="alignnone" width="640"]copy_paste_datatable You can copy and paste your data through your scenarios like any regular text[/caption]

In this mode, you can edit your datatable like regular text, the same way you could do in your code editor, meaning:

  • You can copy the content of a datatable and paste it in another one
  • Copy a CSV file, an Excel spreadsheet, or another table-structured bunch of data and paste it in the text editor, that will be clever enough to format it using the pipe ("|") separator, used in the Gherkin syntax
  • And of course, duplicate or remove easily lines in your table

Pretty amazing, don't you think?


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Shared action words

Maintaining a common business terminology across multiple projects is a huge challenge to face, especially when you're automating the execution of your tests. Some of the biggest organizations that use Hiptest write acceptance criteria for products that often have same bases, and they struggle to keep clean their automation layer and not duplicate the implementation of their steps. That's why our hottest topic at the moment is to add the possibility to share action words between multiple projects of an organization.

The team has been thinking hard to design this feature, in order to make it deliver the best value possible and to avoid the pits that such a workflow can cause (let's say, renaming a shared action word and break multiple scenarios in multiple projects in one shot).

Of course, this feature take a lot of time and investment to develop: all the test design, test refactoring and automation features are more or less based on the action word concept meaning a lot of technical parts to review and adapt.

This feature should be available during the next semester. In the meanwhile, we are opening a private beta program. If you're interested, just drop us a message on the chat!

Living documentation from a Git repository

Integration with Git repositories is our most requested feature, since a lot of BDD-practitionners store their Gherkin features directly in the code repository, and Hiptest is based on the idea of making the business and tech teams collaborating when designing these.

We have planned to provide a two-way synchronization between your Hiptest project and your Git repository, integration that will come incrementally.

This quarter has been released the very first step of this integration: the ability to create and keep synced a living documentation from a Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository.

[caption id="attachment_4129" align="alignnone" width="1917"]git source for living doc Select a Git repository to create a new living doc[/caption]

A common problem for our customers is to make visible the feature files written by the developers, that haven't been designed within Hiptest, but directly from their code editor and this integration should help. Even if the features are not editable from Hiptest (yet), we hope that this feature will help teams to collaborate on them.

REST API: new endpoints

The API is constantly evolving to make you able to create deeper integration with your tools and automate all the tasks you want.

During this semester, our developers have opened a lot of new endpoints:

  • Create and download a project backup
  • Create, update and delete tags of a test run
  • Synchronize a test run

... and of course, a lot of other minor improvements!

I wish you a very good summer, and want again to thank you all for the feedbacks and the love you give us everyday!

See you soon for the next update!