End of 2018 product updates
  January 14, 2019

Hey HipTesters!

Time has come for our traditional tour of last updates in HipTest!

JIRA integration

Traceability matrix

Our JIRA traceability matrix (report that comes with our add-on) has now filtering abilities. You will be able to

filters the rows by sprints, epics and many more criteria or use your already defined filters.

Atlassian Crowd

Using Atlassian Crowd in your on-premises stack? HipTest Enterprise is now compatible!

By setting it up, you'll be able to log directly in HipTest Enterprise with your Crowd account.

Test runs

Hierarchical view of tests

We have redesigned the navigation in a test run to make it clearer and more efficient.

Now, the folder structure is displayed when navigating to a test run landing page or on a folder page

Set execution results of multiple tests at once

A feature that should relief a lot of you who execute manually your test suites is the ability to set a new execution status

for multiple tests. Just check the tests you want and set the right status... and that's it!

By the way, you can also set a test status by directly clicking on its status pill

Cucumber JSON reports support

HipTest is now capable to receive Cucumber JSON execution reports from your CI.

Use the option "--push-format cucumber-json" for hiptest-publisher in your build script to make so.

When a new report will be sent to HipTest, the execution results will be updated for the tests... but also for their steps!

Test design

Clone multiple scenarios

Until this last quarter, the only way to duplicate multiple scenarios was to duplicate their folder, then remove the unwanted duplicated scenarios.

Well, it's over! Just check the scenarios you want to duplicate, and use the "Clone" action to create a copy of your scenarios, in any place you want

Drag'n drop everywhere and right click

Re-organizing your features and scenarios was pretty complicated and time-consuming, since you needed to use the "Move..." menu anytime you wanted to change the location of (a) folder(s) or (a) scenario(s). We have added, in the test design section, the ability to drag and drop your folders and scenarios to move them.

Another pretty useful shorcut: you can now right-click on a folder to create a new one. This also works in screens displaying the scenarios hierarchy, like in the "Move..." and "Clone..." modals

Next steps

Of course, 2019 will be very busy for our team! The next quarter should see coming some cool new features like the ability to undo the deletion of an element, or the execution environments support for the test runs.

Also, a lot of surprises are coming... ;-)

Stay tuned!