Cucumber School
  November 18, 2014

We've taught hundreds of people to use Cucumber and BDD in our training workshops, but we know it's not always easy to get to a class in person.

That's why we've launched our online training programme:

Cucumber School is in beta. I'll be honest about what that means: We haven't finished filming all of the content yet.

So what are we doing opening up for business already? Well, we believe wholeheartedly in that old adage release early, release often. And listen to your customers. We don't want to hide ourselves in the basement for weeks fiddling with video editors. We want to get started, working with you to make sure the course meets your needs.

We're confident in our syllabus and our method, but this will be the first time we've ever tried to teach this stuff to people without being in the same room. I find that a bit scary, but the feedback we have received so far at has been all positive.

So join us on our journey! Since you'll have to wait for content - we're committing to publishing a new lesson every two weeks - we're offering anyone who signs up now a 25% discount off the full price.

Of course this is all part of our business plan to bootstrap our little company and keep Cucumber's open-source products free and healthy. So if you need another reason to sign up, do it to feel good about supporting an open-source company. We'll all appreciate it!