CukeUp! New York is Back
  June 22, 2014

We're holding another two-day CukeUp! conference in New York City on Tuesday 30th Sept - Wednesday 1st October.

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I missed last year's conference, and I love New York, so I'm delighted we're running it again. In fact, this year CukeUp! NYC has grown to two days. It's a fun and informal conference for everyone involed in BDD: product owners, business analysts, testers and programmers.

The first day will be a fast-paced firehose of 30-minute talks from people like Aslak Helles√ły, George Dinwiddie, Richard Lawerence, and Eric Evans.

The second day we'll dive deeper, with two half-day tutorials.

True to the spirit of BDD, you'll find that CukeUp! is a very friendly, collaborative conference. It's a chance for you to mix with the people who write the code and books you use every day, and to make new friends from the community. Don't be surprised if someone puts a whiteboard pen in your hand, especially on day 2!

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