CukeUp! London - 'It's not all about the music'.
  February 22, 2016

For those who enjoy music festivals, you'll know there are none bigger or better than Glastonbury. But for outsiders, it's sometimes difficult to see the appeal - it's all just mud and Coldplay right?

Well, no. It's the Rabbit Hole, West Holts, and Block 9. It's more than just a music festival.

Block 9, Glastonbury Festival - Photo credit, Ali Paul Photography

If you're considering CukeUp! this year, we see similarities. We've got the headliners and the big names, but don't expect your highlight to be a formal session. The most valuable takeaways can be found in a conversation over lunch - or in the bar later - or even hidden in a lightning talk that caught you off guard.

CukeUp! is more than just a collection of talks and workshops - it's an ideas festival. Somewhere you can pick up meaningful connections as well as proven agile techniques; Somewhere you can refocus and invigorate your current agile processes; and somewhere you can chat to experts and peers, without fuss or ceremony.

We don't have to be sit down and face the same way to learn, so we won't. CukeUp! is a mixture of punchy talks and short workshops which will keep you on your toes.

CukeUp! unlike Glastonbury is small - but much like Glastonbury can often sell out. Be sure to book your place this week to save money on our early-bird tickets. If you're coming as a team, email for a special rate.

Visit our programme page for more information.

Here's a short video on CukeUp! in Sydney last November