CukeUp London 2017 videos are now available!
  August 07, 2017

Some exciting news.

All the talks from CukeUp London are now on our website.

At the end of June under the bricked arches of London's Village Underground, around 150 of us gathered together for a day of inspiring talks and discussions about building high-quality software.

Throughout the day we witnessed a series of tactical and informative talks from practitioners, business leaders and industry-renowned authors. Talks topics weren't limited to just Cucumber and BDD, instead there was a broad focus on harnessing collaboration to build great software products.

You can now watch the talks from CukeUp London.

Here are just a few talks you might be interested in:

Sheetal Patel: Shift Left

If your team are looking to adopt BDD practices, learn from Sheetal how corporate monolith The Vanguard Group started their journey towards BDD and are now reaping the benefits of their investment.

Emily Webber: Communities of Practice

Emily explains why a community of practice within a large organisation can be a game-changer when it comes to sharing ideas and fostering collaboration at scale.

Nat Pryce: Having our cake and eating it. End-to-end function tests which can run in milliseconds.

Nat Pryce gives a super-practical rundown of how to make lightning-fast function tests happen in practice.

Watch all the talks here.