CukenFest London - Have you got your ticket yet?
  March 20, 2019

We're now just a few weeks away from CukenFest London, our annual Behaviour-Driven Development conference for the whole team.

Taking place on April 4th-5th, CukenFest is a festival of ideas for BDD enthusiasts. There will be short talks covering the full range of the Behaviour-Driven Development practice - from discovering the scope of a story through to turning business rules and examples into working software. The conference intends to inspire and inform you about the latest thinking and provide a shared space for you to exchange ideas with other practitioners.

We keep things moving on day 1. Talks are just 15 minutes long - no long intros or drawn out points. That gives us time in the day for conversations - some structured others not - and plenty of space and rooms to break out into. Day 2 is less bounded - there's a dedicated workshop track with some amazing coaches and we'll build a whole agenda of talks, discussions and collaborative sessions through open space. Drawing on the experiences of our speakers, the core team behind Cucumber and you, the attendee, we will build a programme which focuses on the biggest problems we want to solve.

CukenFest isn't a large scale event. It's deliberately small to allow you to meet others, to have your own puzzles heard and debated, and to give you time and space to explore ideas and practices which can help your team. . The conference is a marvellous mix of roles and people who are all enthusiast about building high-quality software. We're super proud to play host.

Learn more about the line-up and check out our BDD Kickstart class happening just before (now very limited seats).