Announcing CukenFest London - June 21st-25th
  February 09, 2017

Today we're announcing an exciting series of events taking place in June.

For six years, CukeUp! has been the meeting point for the Cucumber community. We let in just over 100 people each year, but the ideas and conversations last long after the closing keynote.

Over the lifetime of the conference, Cucumber adoption soared. With it, a growing, diverse community of technical and non technical people interested in solving one of the hardest problems in software; communication with The Business.

With so much to cover, two days now feels too short. There’s not enough time to listen to all the stories, the wriggle-room to delve into advanced topics, nor the space to teach beginners the fundamentals of BDD and Cucumber.

So we put our heads together and had a rethink.

This year, you’re invited to three distinctive events. We’re calling it CukenFest.

  • BDD Kickstart: A world-class, two-day BDD training
  • CukeUp! London: A single track, one-day conference for the whole software team.
  • CukenSpace: A weekend open space for experienced practitioners and the open-source community.

We've distilled all the beautiful fuzzy amazing weirdness of CukeUp! into a one-day, single-track event in Shoreditch, with a preceding BDD training and a follow-on weekend open space focused on building the Cucumber community, whilst also giving space for advanced practitioners to share innovative ideas, and for workshops that dive deeper than the single-track day can accommodate.

We hope you'll join us for the ride. This next chapter will be exciting.

Register your interest in CukenFest. We’ll be launching tickets exclusively through our mailing list very soon.