CukenFest London - An agile conference with a twist
  May 11, 2017

CukenFest London is happening next month.

From June 21st-25th we're running three distinctive events for the BDD and agile communities. Book your ticket today

At the end of CukeUp! 2016, drinking at the bar with a few CukeUp! old-timers, we had an impromptu retrospective about how far we'd come. Back in 2011, CukeUp! was a Cucumber conference, with developers packed into a small room, all talking about this new tool. As the community matured, more airtime was given to Behaviour-Driven Development and other collaborative techniques, and we came to realise that we're less interested in the tools we use, and more in the result. CukeUp! today is a progressive agile conference with a strong flavour of BDD and Cucumber.

By the end of the evening, we decided we needed to offer something else.

CukeUp! will continue to showcase short engaging talks about BDD and progressive ideas, and we will add a world-class BDD training for those starting out and a weekend open space to develop the Cucumber OSS community.

These events are:

  • BDD Kickstart (June 21st-22nd) - A world-class BDD fundamentals training, led by one of the core Cucumber team.
  • CukeUp! London (June 23rd) - A one-day single-track conference for the whole agile team.
  • CukenSpace (June 24th-25th) - A weekend open-space for experienced practitioners and OSS enthusiasts.

Each event has a different flavour but they all have the same focus: helping teams build the right thing.

Learn more about CukenFest and book your ticket today.