CukeUp! AU - A conference with a purpose
  November 03, 2016

We're two weeks away from CukeUp! AU landing in Sydney. It's our second visit to Australia in as many years and we're looking forward to our return. Since 2011, we've been running various CukeUp! conferences around the world; we ran a couple in New York - with another in the works for ‘17 - and each Spring we run the original in London.

In the early years, in the old shabby offices of Skills Matter on Goswell Road, the conference was a meeting point for those interested in the small, but rapidly growing, Cucumber open-source project. It was a chance to put names to faces and discuss these new, forming ideas found in the BDD community.

The conference had a strong technical flavour, with lots of content reserved for developers and testers. Nowadays that's changed a bit. It’s less about the particular tools you use, and much more about creative ways to help you deliver higher quality software. And really, the purpose of the conference, the OSS tool, and company is the same: We want to bridge the communication gap between business and IT.

At CukeUp! AU this year, we'll be tackling this head on. Short talks - and even shorter lightning talks - will weave between practical workshops. One minute you'll be learning about remote collaboration and next, improving the way your team write scenarios.

The purpose of CukeUp! is to explore innovative ways to bring business and IT closer together.

Running CukeUp! is always a delight. We cherish the little moments at these small events where you can bump into speakers and share coffee with your peers. Ideas are not enough, but don't underestimate the power of two days of inspiration and fun. If you're looking to deliver high quality, predictable software, CukeUp! is your playground.

If you purchase your ticket this week, we will enroll you onto Cucumber School - our online training - for free.

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