BDD training in Berlin
  September 04, 2014

BDD - like any other practice - is not a best practice. It's a practice that may work well in certain contexts, and not so well in other contexts.

Before you go ahead and try to implement BDD you should determine whether your context is one of the contexts where BDD is known to work.

Liz Keogh is one of the first (and best) pioneers of BDD. In recent years she has been promoting Cynefin as a framework that helps teams determine when BDD is a suitable technique, and when it's not.

In Liz' experience, BDD works best with complicated - and to some degree - complex domains.

We have teamed up with Liz to create a course that combines her material with ours. We'll be teaching this for the first time in Berlin 22-24 October.

  • Day 1 will cover BDD with Cynefin with focus on collaboration and examples.
  • Day 2 and 3 will be technical, with focus on Cucumber (Java and Ruby).

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