Announcing public classes in June
  May 12, 2020

The days of writing long requirement specs are over. The business can no longer expect to see high-quality software after throwing a long wish list of features to an isolated development team.

Isolated teams struggle because creating maintainable and understandable software requires deep collaboration. It requires the input and thought of many people, produced through conversations and collaborative exercises. That’s why so many high-performing organisations practice BDD.

There’s a temptation with enforced lockdown to think that the days of silos are back. But effective collaboration is not confined to those who are co-located. Tools like Zoom, Miro, Slack, Cucumber Studio, allow teams to practice BDD and still build high-quality, maintainable software.

The same goes for our training and coaching.

We’ve been delivering BDD training and coaching services since 2014. We’ve helped Fortune 500 organisations and ambitious start-ups build code with fewer defects and fewer misunderstandings.

Our remote class has been authored by the core team behind the Cucumber project who have been practising BDD remotely since 2014. The outcomes we strive for in our remote class are the same as the in-person class. A recent remote class saw attendance feedback of 4.7/5.

The way we build software is ever-changing. But at this moment we don’t need to go back to long lists of feature requests. Instead, we can work, together, collaboratively.

We're running two remote public classes at the start of June for a very small group. Find out more here.