We are pleased to announce aruba version 0.11.1. For a detailed list of
changes, please have a look at our
History.md or use
the diffing feature of

Notable Changes

  • Refactored and improved documentation (feature tests) in PR #309
  • Reorder rubies in .travis.yml
  • Integrate EventBus to decouple announcers from starting, stopping commands
    etc. This uses nearly the same implementation like cucumber. (PR #309)
  • Starting/Stopping a command directly (command.start, command.stop) is now
    reported to the command monitor and last_command_stopped is updated
  • Added #restart to Command to make it possible to restart a command
  • Added check to prevent a command which has already been started, to be
    started again. Otherwise you've got hidden commands which are not stopped
    after a cucumber/rspec/minitest run.
  • Adding a lot of documentation to aruba
  • Refactored #run: Now it wants you to pass a Hash containing the options.
    The old syntax is still supported, but is deprecated.
  • Added #find_command as experimental feature. It searches the started
    commands from last to first.
  • Added be_an_executable matcher
  • Set stop signal which should be used to stop a process after a timeout or
    used to terminate a process. This can be used to stop processes running
    docker + "systemd". If you send a systemd-enable container SIGINT it will be
  • Added a configurable amount of time after a command was started -
    startup_wait_time. Otherwise you get problems when a process takes to long to
    startup when you run in background and want to sent it a signal.
  • Replace <variable> in commandline, e.g. <pid-last-command-started>
  • Added announce formatter for time spans, e.g. startup_wait_time
  • All *Process-classes e.g. BasicProcess, SpawnProcess etc. are marked as
    private. Users should use #run('cmd') and don't use the classes directly.
  • rvm-methods are deprecated. They too ruby specific.

Known issues


There are still failing tests of our test suite on Windows. We're going to work
on that. Any help is highly appreciated.

Upcoming changes

Improved support for windows

Fix the windows issues.

Improve documentation

We work on improving the documentation. With one of the upcoming versions we
plan to release a new aruba-website with all our documentation.