Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) Remote Example Mapping Workshop

Behaviour Driven Development requires strong communication and collaboration across development, testing and non-technical/business teams, and makes a great foundation on which to build and test your software. As with most cross-team collaborations, having a clear process is vital for success. Your team needs to meet regularly before development starts, to clarify and confirm the acceptance criteria. At this stage, many teams fail at BDD, because their implementation is unstructured, confusing, inconsistent and unproductive.

Before starting development on the user story, teams need to clarify and confirm the acceptance criteria. One of the most efficient methodologies for conducting cross-team meetings is Example Mapping. Example Mapping helps teams collaborate and explore the problem domain and makes a great basis for acceptance tests.

Join us for our interactive BDD Example Mapping workshop webinar and discover:

  • What is Example Mapping?
  • The benefits of Example Mapping
  • Remote workshop/demonstration of Example Mapping
  • Formulating Examples using CucumberStudio
Dermot Canniffe
Aaron Fox
Vincent Whyte
Lorna Smyth

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