Matt Wynne - @mattwynne

Matt Wynne

Matt is one of the world's leading BDD practitioners. A programmer, coach, trainer and popular international speaker, he was invited to join the Cucumber core team in 2009. Together with Aslak Hellesøy, he's co-author of The Cucumber Book, Behaviour-Driven Development for Developers and Testers and a co-founder of Cucumber Ltd.

What has been the industry’s response to BDD?

We’re seeing a “second wave” of agile adoption, where organisations have learned the basic moves of Scrum – daily stand-ups, user stories, story points – but they’re still seeing problems. Problems like a lack of predictability – things usually take longer than they estimated, sometimes quite a lot longer. They’ve noticed that there are often communication problems – developers misunderstanding requirements, for example, or business people being too busy to talk to the developers to a necessary level of depth. There are also quality problems – defects – that are leaking out regularly into production or only being caught by manual testing.

These are the organisations who are now discovering that they need to up their game, and look to BDD as a solution to these problems.

Aslak Hellesøy - @aslak_hellesoy

Aslak Hellesøy

Aslak is the creator of Cucumber. He co-wrote The Cucumber Book, Behaviour-Driven Development for Developers and Testers with Matt Wynne. During his career Aslak has worked with both small and large organisations in several industries such as telecom, trading, banking, retail, insurance, car manufacturing, education and government. Aslak is a co-founder of Cucumber Ltd, the company behind Cucumber.

How does the Cucumber tool add value to teams and organisations? It gives stakeholders with different roles and backgrounds a shared language for describing software behaviour. When teams use Cucumber, misunderstandings never manifest as software bugs, because Cucumber helps teams discover those misunderstandings and catch mistakes early - it shortens the feedback cycle.

Julien Biezemans - @jbpros

Julien Biezemans

Julien is the creator of Cucumber.js - Cucumber for JavaScript, Node.js, and browsers. Julien has been coaching teams in BDD since 2009 and been building applications written in Ruby, PHP, Perl, and JavaScript since 2005. Julien is a co-founder of Cucumber Ltd.

What’s the most visible impact that you’ve seen Cucumber have? Cucumber has made many teams aware of the vital importance of communication on a project and made them improve on it significantly.

Seb Rose - @sebrose

Seb Rose

Seb is a software developer, trainer and coach. He specialises in working with teams adopting and refining their agile practices, with a particular focus on delivering software through the use of examples using BDD and TDD. Seb is the co-author of The Cucumber for Java Book together with Matt and Aslak. He has worked with many well-known companies, such as Amazon, IBM, NCR, HBOS, Standard Life and Aegon. Seb is a partner of Cucumber Ltd.

What sort of customers does Cucumber Ltd work with? We work with all sorts of organisations, large and small, in all sectors. Any team developing software can benefit from the expertise and experience that we can bring to bear on their challenges.

Steve Tooke- @tooky

Steve Tooke

Steve is a software developer, trainer and coach. Passionate about improving his craft and helping others improve theirs. He specialises in helping teams produce business value continuously through improving communication and keeping their code maintainable. BDD is at the core of this process. Steve has been getting paid to build software since 1997. Throughout his career he has worked with renowned organisations like Coach in a Box, the NHS and for a major UK bank. Steve is a partner of Cucumber Ltd.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Cucumber Ltd.? The people - we have a great team that aren’t just great to work with, but great to spend time with in general. Even though we all work remotely, everybody works really hard to build a sense of community that’s sometimes missing for remote workers.

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