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Katherine Kirk - Why Slice, Dice, Do and Dump doesn't work anymore (22 min)

Katherine uses Eastern Philosophical models as radical lenses to challenge static, habitual thinking and gain insight into how the tech world might approach things differently. In this brief talk, she explains how our tendency to handle agility as fixed pieces of work and projects, separated from the whole, can be counterproductive.

Dan North - How to break the rules (28 min)

In this talk, Dan introduces some uncomfortable truths from Eliyahu Goldratt, author of “The Goal” and one of the fathers of modern management theory, that may help us to recognise and challenge this behaviour so we can start to get the real benefit from all that technology.

Nat Pryce - End to end functional tests that can run in milliseconds (34 min)

On our current project, we fell into several well-known pitfalls with our approach to functional testing -- siloed responsibility, unreliable automation, duplicated code. We had to rethink our approach. In this talk I'll describe the motivation and design of our functional test infrastructure, and discuss its benefits and challenges.

Sheetal Patel - Shift Left (30 min)

Shift Left is all about integrating tests earlier in the software development life cycle. It's writing your automated tests prior to, or alongside, coding. Although it requires using new techniques likes BDD and TDD, it's more about changing the mindset around quality. It's about evolving the culture within the agile team - only then can we be successful in achieving continuous testing.