How to get started with CucumberStudio

You already know how much we love to talk about Behavior-driven Development (BDD). But have you seen how CucumberStudio enhances your BDD practices?  

CucumberStudio enables teams to get the most value out of their BDD scenarios through deep collaboration. It creates a direct relationship between your team’s requirements, the tests to validate those requirements, and the code that makes them real. Seamless Git integration means your living documentation is always up to date, and everyone has equal access. 

In this webinar you’ll learn how to pair your BDD practices with CucumberStudio to revolutionize how you build software.  

A few things we’ll cover:  

  • Introduction to CucumberStudio 
  • What’s new  
  • Define, test and learn in production 
  • Single source of truth – how to use the Git integration  
  • What to expect in 2021 
Dermot Canniffe
Dana Prey
Matt Wynne

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