BDD for Business Analysts

Given: I am a Business Analyst 

When: I need to collaborate with my development team 

Then: I should use BDD to create a shared understanding 

Teams want these tests to be understandable + valuable. Behavior-driven development (BDD) and Gherkin allows Business Analysts to document acceptance tests in a language that developers, QA & the business can understand. By having a common language to describe acceptance tests, it encourages collaboration and creates a shared understanding of the tests being run. 

This talk will demonstrate how BDD improves collaboration between the BA and the delivery team. It will cover the essential role that BA's play working with the delivery team to refine the requirements, using detailed examples of system behavior to reach a shared understanding of the specifications. 

A few things we’ll cover:  

  • Understand how BDD improves collaboration 
  • Discover why we need examples to illustrate specifications 
  • Learn the critical role of the BA in BDD 
Seb Rose
Dermot Canniffe
Dana Prey

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