BDD with Cucumber.js, Cucumber-Electron and CrossBrowserTesting

Improve your software development process with Behaviour-Driven development (BDD) using Cucumber.js, Cucumber-Electron and CrossBrowserTesting! Integrating BDD into your agile workflow is a powerful way to improve collaboration, reduce rework, and harness automation to create trustworthy documentation.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Writing Gherkin scenarios & step definitions
  • Direct automation at the domain layer with Cucumber.js
  • In-process UI automation using Cucumber-Electron
  • Augmenting the BDD process with CrossBrowserTesting
  • Live Demo
  • Live Q&A with SmartBear Experts

We'll have a tiny app (JavaScript/React frontend + JavaScript/Node.js backend) that will provide a hands-on look at this in practice. You will see how developers can use these tools to guide the development of new functionality, and get feedback in just a few seconds - even for full-stack tests through the UI.

Seb Rose
Aslak Hellesoy
Dermot Canniffe
Dana Prey

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