is an implementation written in and useful for OCaml projects.


There are a few prerequisites before you can use delegates its Gherkin parsing to the gherkin-c implementation using OCaml’s foreign function interface. This means that, before you can use, you will need to compile and install gherkin-c as a shared library with its header files on your system.

Next, check out the project and do the following:

dune build && dune install

This will install the cucumber Opam package into your local Opam repository. For more information, please read the README file.

Note: assumes that once you start executing your step definitions it will control the command line arguments. This can be surprising, so please be aware of it. Basically, the executable created by the compilation process is the Cucumber runner and it is that executable which will run your step definitions.

Please see the Cucumber OCaml website for more information and usage instructions.

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