In order to allow Gherkin to be written in a number of languages, the keywords have been translated into multiple languages. To improve readability and flow, some languages may have more than one translation for any given keyword.


You can find all translation of Gherkin on GitHub. This is also the place to add or update translations.

A list of the currently supported languages and their keywords can be found below.

Afrikaans (af) Arabic (ar) Aragonese (an) Armenian (am) Asturian (ast) Australian (en-au) Azerbaijani (az) Bosnian (bs) Bulgarian (bg) Catalan (ca) Chinese simplified (zh-CN) Chinese traditional (zh-TW) Creole (ht) Croatian (hr) Czech (cs) Danish (da) Dutch (nl) Emoji (em) English (en) Esperanto (eo) Estonian (et) Finnish (fi) French (fr) Galician (gl) Georgian (ka) German (de) Greek (el) Gujarati (gj) Hebrew (he) Hindi (hi) Hungarian (hu) Icelandic (is) Indonesian (id) Irish (ga) Italian (it) Japanese (ja) Javanese (jv) Kannada (kn) Klingon (tlh) Korean (ko) LOLCAT (en-lol) Latvian (lv) Lithuanian (lt) Luxemburgish (lu) Macedonian (mk-Cyrl) Macedonian (Latin) (mk-Latn) Malay (bm) Mongolian (mn) Norwegian (no) Old English (en-old) Panjabi (pa) Persian (fa) Pirate (en-pirate) Polish (pl) Portuguese (pt) Romanian (ro) Russian (ru) Scouse (en-Scouse) Serbian (sr-Cyrl) Serbian (Latin) (sr-Latn) Slovak (sk) Slovenian (sl) Spanish (es) Swedish (sv) Tamil (ta) Tatar (tt) Telugu (tl) Thai (th) Turkish (tr) Ukrainian (uk) Urdu (ur) Uzbek (uz) Vietnamese (vi) Welsh (cy-GB)

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