Jam: Unleash the joy of BDD
Product | Posted March 12, 2019

The Cucumber team are releasing a new product today: Jam.

Jam gives you the platform to succeed with BDD: a single source of truth that empowers the whole team. It's a user-friendly space to collaborate as your specifications evolve, wired up to your source control system so they’re always right up to date with your code.

Our goal with Jam is to bring the joy of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) to every software team on the planet. We know what a creative, inclusive, effective and downright fun way this is to build software, and we want to give everyone a chance to experience that.

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Why we built this thing

BDD is revolutionising the way people build software together.

As we get out and help organisations to adopt these practices, we’ve seen the need for something that compliments the world-beating open source tools we’ve already built.

BDD involves a paradigm shift in people’s behaviour, so we need to make that whole experience delightful for everyone, not just the developers and testers. Jam’s transparency keeps the relationship between product and engineering strong and collaborative, long after the feature files have gone into source control.

A little history

We’ve been working on different solutions to this problem for a long time. It started when the team behind the original BDD tool RSpec needed somewhere to publish their feature files as documentation, so we created Relish. Then we experimented with an early prototype of Cucumber Pro, with collaborative editing. We learned a lot from that experiment, but ultimately decided to take a step back and start over.

Starting over and rebuilding Cucumber Pro from scratch helped us develop something solid that we’ve been proudly beta testing with hundreds of users from tiny start-ups to humongous financial services corporations. One of the significant things we learned from this testing was that the name didn’t work: Too many people assumed Cucumber Pro was just a “better cucumber”.


The new name Jam sets the product aside as something completely different, but complementary to, the Cucumber open source tool. We like to think it reflects the playful spirit of collaboration that all BDD practitioners know and love.

We founded our company to keep the open source ecosystem around Cucumber and BDD alive and healthy. Having a commercial product that brings in recurring revenue is an important piece of the puzzle in creating that sustainable ecosystem.

We hope you’re as excited about tasting Jam as we are! Get Jam for your team here.