How to post on this blog
News | Posted August 07, 2019

This is a blog for and by the Cucumber and BDD community. It's hosted on Ghost, meaning you'll need a login to post.

I have an idea for an article, can I share it on this blog?

We love posts from anyone in the Cucumber and BDD community!

To be admissible, your post must:

  • Make a meaningful contribution to the world's awareness and learning about BDD practices or going ons in the Cucumber OSS space.
  • Meet the standards of our code of conduct.
  • Not be commercial (though links out to relevant commercial products are OK).

We're always looking for guest posts and if you have an idea but aren't feeling confident, we'd be happy to coach you through the process. Please get in touch with Matt, Seb or Theo and tell us more.

I have an author login and want to write a post

Great, just go here to log in and start writing.